Would I if I Could?

Would you ever go back?  Off the bat, I can’t remember if I have ever been asked that question, but I know how I would answer it:

Nopitty, nope, no. Absolutely not.

Now, I have been asked if I would rather have stayed in Canada than journey to the unknown country of France. That’s a hard question to answer now that I have lived here for three years. However, had I been asked that before leaving Canada, I probably would’ve chosen to stay in my comfort-zone.

But time has flown since that 14-year-old girl left home to live in the beautiful, picturesque, sometimes aggravating country of France. I am senior in high school, with only a month left of school, and just over a month until graduating, and I can easily say that I wouldn’t go back for the world. The reason? Because this journey has given me so much that Canada never could’ve given me.

Do I miss home? Of course I do. I miss my city, church, friends, and amazing family. In a way, it’ll always be “home”, but then again, home is wherever you choose to leave a piece of your heart. A country (maybe two), a house, or even a person can be home. Home can be defined as a safe place, where one feels comfortable and secure. Moving to France took me out of that comfort-zone, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Let me tell you why.

Consequently, I met a ton of new people (as I so love to do). These people have helped me come into the world of baguettes, traffic circles, castles, and horrible customer service. Thanks to my French friends, my French has gotten much better since arriving. Not only have I met people in France, but by becoming an MK, I’ve met kids from around the world who understand the things I go through. In a previous post, I talked about NAYC17, which is were I met this motley assortment of people. They’re a family to say the least. In three days, I met people who have since become some of my closest friends. If I did press a button that could change my past so that I had never left Canada, I wouldn’t have all these amazing people in my life.

People aren’t the only blessings this journey has given me. I’m not ready to announce this just yet, so allow me to be ambiguous. For just over a year, I have been working on a project that my younger self wouldn’t have believed or thought of doing (let your imaginations run wild with that one;) My life in Canada would never have allowed me the time to think about, or even start this project, seeing as it takes time. I’m excited and terrified to reveal this project, but I should be ready to share this secret with y’all soon.

These reasons are only a couple of the major reasons why I would never trade this life for my past one. My life has changed, and honestly, I’m okay with that now, because I’ve allowed myself to see how God has used this journey to enrich my life.

That’s all for this post folks. I hope you all have a terrific day!



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