It’s only an end

Near the edge

My summer of four months is slowly coming to a close as “La Rentrée” (back to school) approaches more rapidly than I care to admit… anyone else got those feels?

I can’t really complain, yet I do, because that’s what students do. I suppose it’s partly due to the fear of the school year. In previous years, I never had to worry because I would do the same thing I’d always done: sit at my home desk for 9-10 months and do the same 5-6 classes… in the same order… every day. This year, I’m jumping into something completely different; not to mention something different in French!

Come on! Science was bad enough when I couldn’t understand it in English, now I’m expected to understand it in a French class?! Excuse me!

I couldn’t jump, I had my phone

I may be exaggerating a tad. It’s not as terrifying as that. I’ve had lots of people to assure me, that I will most likely NOT be that awkward loner that eats alone at a lunch table. Said people have also really helped me understand and prepare to enter into a french high school (lycée) by teaching me the “comme tu veux” (as you wish) mentality, which is a blessing and a curse for someone trying to gather supplies.

delinquent selfie ❤

Not only will getting out of the house every day be a big change from my past school years, I will actually need to be transported to my school. Why is this a big deal? If you haven’t guessed yet, I’ve been home-schooled my entire life. The only transportation I ever needed was my feet that transported me up and down stairs for 10 years. Come Tuesday (tomorrow), I will be taking a train and a bus to school.


Is the excessive dry humour in this post hinting at my current mental state yet? I’m in a muddled state of mind. Excitement and nervousness are both present emotions going through my head right now, but these past couple of weeks, I’ve had the best people around to cope with.

the twins are ready

In the past two weeks alone, I’ve face-timed and called more than I have in 3-4 years. Since MK retreat and my family’s return to France, I’ve kept pretty impeccable contact with my MK family, partly because they cause withdrawals. Since everyone is in different parts of the world, face-timing means late night calls for some and early morning calls for others, but there’s no better way to exhaust myself than in an MK group call or a call from my bestie. They have all helped me cope with this new adventure in life. Some delinquent bike rides with the Twin might’ve also been a result of me going crazy, but we’re all a little crazy sometimes; a little craziness makes life interesting.

Enjoy these few pictures of my delinquency. There are about 200 more on my camera roll where I’m behind the camera, but I won’t bother with those ones 😉

My summer adventures are over, but that’s only an end. Pray for me as I start this new adventure, y’all; your prayers are very much appreciated!




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