The Return and Recap

The world is full of mysteries and incomprehensible realities, but would you like to know one that boggles my mind? How is it, that nearly three months seem to have disappeared? To me, that’s a mystery.

early mornings


This past Monday, my family’s 17 pieces of luggage and I landed on French soil once again, and everything that happened this summer now feels like a dream; only the many journal entries and pictures are the physical evidence of two and a half months spent in North America, everything else is a memory.

too many bags


I’ve had to ask myself things like, “Did I really graduate?” “Did I actually spend seven weeks at my home church?” “I didn’t seriously experience a whole four days with my MK family, did I?” Thinking back at everything I’ve been able to attend and all I’ve been able to do seems surreal, and yet, I sit here, three months later, with countless memories to treasure.

Now that I’m back in the quiet of my home, and the comfort of my own room, I’ve found myself thinking back. God’s provision made my return home possible, and his blessing made it refreshing. Beyond the traveling and attended events, I was able to be refreshed spiritually. I will remember a couple specific church services where God was almost tangible in the room, and where He spoke so clearly and directly.

That regeneration was so important, because being on the mission field, relatively alone in my faith, took its toll, and I needed to be reminded that I wasn’t alone; It’s my enemy that tries to convince me otherwise. But thank God I was reminded that He doesn’t disappear on me, and that there are so many people who understand and truly care about me.

trio adventures

My summer adventures were great, and I’m sorry I can’t share them all with you, but being back home doesn’t mean they’re over, in fact they’re only just beginning. Life is about to heat up for this non-french-yet-french girl, and I look forward to continue sharing my experiences with you.



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