Ready Aim Release

I’ll have to admit something… life as a homeschooler in France, when your brothers are away in private school isn’t the most exciting lifestyle. but I’m not complaining, After classes, I’m perfectly content to stay at home, chill, light a candle, play some instrumental music, dim the lights to set the mood, and either read or write (or watch a movie, if I’m being honest). I’m happy with this life, the only thing that disturbs me is everything I’m missing because of my bat-like life.

BUT… “I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there”, and tell you how my hermit life became a little less of a hermit life 😉

Why not take to calling me Kat? Why? Since September, my normally bland week now has an activity, that activity being archery, hence the nickname. I’m currently a Katniss in training. Some people were surprised by my choosing this sport (yes, it is a sport), but I just found it appealing, and I thought I’d like to learn more about it.

If you remember my title “Ready Aim Release” I’ll tell you what I have in mind. I learned a lot in my first lesson of archery. Things like safety rules, how to arm and disarm a bow, how to hold the bow, “the stance”, and how to aim and shoot.

Image result for princess mia, archery

After coming home late from class (because sometimes time isn’t well managed… all the better for practice), a thought came to me. In class, I learned, first hand, that stance and positioning do matter and greatly determine the arrow’s trajectory. When using the eye, an archer aims by looking at the point of the arrow. For the arrow to go where the archer wants it (which is normally the center), the archer needs to take time to aim, position his hand in the correct place, and pull back far enough to give the arrow enough force to strike the target accurately.

“For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” -1 Corinthians 3:11

I started to apply this idea of position, aim, and release to life. For the arrow to hit the target, a strong core and foundation are needed; this example is the one I applied to life. Think of your life as the arrow, and the center of the target is God’s plan for you, the perfect future he has planned. Now, for your life to follow God’s plan, you need a strong foundation, but what every person has to figure out for himself is what makes up his foundation. Is it something solid or shaky? The answer to that question will determine where that arrow (your life, my life) will go.

Hold your head up, straighten your back, pull back your shoulders, suck in that gut, ready your arrow, pull back, aim, and release. I believe the greatest release will be when our life hits the center where God’s plan lies. 10 points in the game, much more in life.


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