Passing moments

“For the Lord shall be thy confidence and shall keep thy foot from being taken”

~Proverbs 3:26

“Welcome back Sophie!”

“Why thank you.”

Yes, it really is me, reel it in. I thought I would write a blog today and share a couple of things with you readers. I may also be writing this off the boost of excitement yesterday gave me… which is where this post begins.

dad and the chi-chis

Yesterday we went to the annual Fête Foraine in the center of our small city. We were joined by one of Dominic’s friends and ended up staying two hours at this “fair.” We went on the bumper-cars (several times I might add), ate chi-chis, and went on a very thrilling ride. For a town the size of Châtellerault, I was not expecting it to have what it did, but as of yesterday I can now say that I have seen Châtellerault upside-down. after two rides in the spinner (which is not the actual name of the ride), my throat felt raw, in a great way, and Dominic might have been a little woozy. After one ride, well, Timo and Dominic’s friend may never ride it again. As for me, much to the annoyance of my younger brothers, I would have done it again; I guess that is a little more of my mother in me.

I would also like to thank God as I mention a wonderful day not too long ago.

through the country to the church

One Sunday, we made plans with Timo’s friend and his sister to spend the day at our house. I had met this girl one night when she came with her father to pick up her younger brother from our house, and since then we have gotten together a few times. We biked down to the church where we showed them around, played some music, and before we had left, we climbed the hedge in the back of the church grounds and waved to people driving by. What was somewhat comical was since we only had four bikes, Dominic had to ride his scooter while carrying his guitar case. What a sight, mind you it was only a 7-10 minute bike ride. Back at the house, we played some card games and just spent time and laughed together. I thank the Lord for sending me a friend that I can connect with and see on a more regular basis.

Now this has already been mentioned in some of my dad’s previous blog posts and on my instagram, but I’m going to retell it here.

My first day of university had been great! Don’t get me wrong, I am still in high school, but one Tuesday, I had decided to go with my dad to the University of Poitier on his last day as English professor (for this year anyway). He had two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. the morning one was fine, to my dismay the students stared at me at first but then Dad

adding to my library!

told them that I was his daughter and I was going to be their guest. Well after that class, we had time to kill so we went to a book store where I might have gotten some books and then got lunch at KFC. Mmmm. However, It was the second class that made my day. The students came in and some lovely, chatty girls came and sat beside me and involved me in their conversation. Well the students had prepared for a party, they brought snacks, drinks, and one even brought his guitar. We had a blast. That had been the most amazing time I had had in a while, and will surely be something I will always remember.

I want to end this post by referencing the verse at the beginning of this post. This verse says something that I needed to hear. This verse says that the Lord is my confidence. Why did I need to hear this? I am a teenage girl, and God knows I have insecurities. Adding to that, I am just over one year away from graduating high school and still have no clue as to what I am doing. If I can be transparent, I lack a lot of confidence about myself and about my future.  A mighty God is telling me that He will be my confidence, why do I still worry? Synthetically, my thought takes me to Jeremiah 29:11 where I am told that He already knows the plans for me. Better? A little, but I am human and even with reassurance from my Father, I am still bound to worry.

I am not a confident person, so He instead will be my confidence. I am nervous and worry, but he knows my future.

Thy will be done!

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