Beginning with Blessings

I suppose much has happened since I last blogged, but I will not waste your time or my brain cells trying to recount it. “But boy, do I have some things to say.”See original imageHaving grown up in church, I have been accustomed to the change that the New Year brings not only to my daily life but also to my spiritual life. In Pentecost, it is normal to shake things up at the beginning of the year and search God’s guidance for the year to come. Well that is what happened here in France.

Prayer & Fasting

We (the Châtellerault church) designated three weeks as a time of fasting and prayer; we had two prayer meetings during the week, but every week, the days of those meetings were changed, in order to fall out of the habit that we, as Christians, can so very easily fall into. These days of prayer were very important for the church, as well my family, we wanted God to reveal to us His plan for the church and for our life. Our family’s position as AIMers can be rather unstable at times and we just do not know what step we should take.

To continue on the topic of blessings, throughout this special month, I have seen God bless either our family or our church in several ways; my mom had been waiting for a very important document for over a year, and it finally arrived, my dad was offered a job as a teacher in Poitiers, Dominic and I were able to purchase our very first phones, and a family that I had been praying for, started the New Year in church. My God is powerful and can do all things!

img_0715Our American Visitors

Now… it was my absolute pleasure to have been able to meet Sis. Cylinda Nickel and her daughter, Seanna, when they made a special trip to our part of Europe this past weekend. After they arrived on Saturday, we brought them into Paris, parked under the Louvre, and walked around the gardens before getting a Starbucks in the basement of the Louvre.


Seanna and I in the fairy tale village

In order to show them a variety of sights in the small amount of time had, we took them on a boat tour. And because food is important, we ate on the terrace of a kebab shop on a small Parisian street.

Sunday afternoon, after our church service, we took our new American friends to the little village of Angles-sur-l’Anglin; they said it was like walking through a fairy tale (and it was).

On Monday, I accompanied my dad bringing Sis. Cylinda and Seanna back to Paris so they could catch a quick plane out. We stopped along the way at the “hunting lodge” of Francis I, and strolled around the grounds as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Upon arriving in Paris, we had some time to spare, so we took them on the metro.

Filling up with French pastries!

Filling up with French pastries!

We got off at Trocadero, where we took some pictures and ate French waffles and crêpes in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Then it was time to leave… 😦 We braved the Parisian traffic and the little men on mo-peds, and arrived at the airport. We said goodbye, and they were on their way. I was so happy to have met these amazing women, and I am thankful for the time they took to visit and encourage us.


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