Parisian adventures and Melun

“Paris is always a good idea” -Audrey Hepburn


Paris by night

My dad goes up to Melun every month to teach at the France’s national Bible school, and this time, I decided to go with him.

The drive up

Since my dad had to teach on Saturday, we decided to leave Friday morning that way we could spend the day in Paris. The time it takes to travel from Châtellerault to Paris is about three hours,


happily being “attacked” by pigeons

which is not that bad when you have Disney and Israel Houghton albums to blast through a speaker (I am an awesome car ride companion). After singing “friend like me” and “zero to hero” to the best of my abilities, and waving to random truck and bus drivers we finally arrived to our destination.


We parked the car in one of those nice underground Parking lots with great acoustics and went to wander around. We walked in front of Notre Dame, where pigeons attacked me (just kidding), and then strolled past the Hotel de Ville, which is not your simple North American parliament building. We then turned left, and started down the Rue de Rivoli  where I entered an H&M and walked out somewhat let down. Dad and I continued down the same street and found Forever 21, where dad followed and acted as a portable hanger as I aimlessly meandered through the maze which is Forever 21. I must admit, after an hour, I might not have walked out with everything, but I did not walked out with nothing…*yikes*

img_6397After my satisfying shopping trip, dad led the way to the Galleries Lafayette where I would see my very first fashion show. It was a great first experience, however, it never ceases to amaze me was fashion designers can come up with. After the show, we descended a few levels to where there was a Starbucks; there we sat, ate a cookie, drank a frappuccino, and watched the little people browse around.

We saw the Garnier Opera House, the Mogador Opera House, where we were supposed to see the play “The Phantom of the Opera” before it ironically was canceled because of a fire. When we decided it would be a good idea to eat, we stopped at a restaurant, where we ate outside; img_6400everything was great except for all the Parisians smoking around us.

Then it was time to see the Eiffel Tower; you cannot go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, plus I had never seen her lit up before. We rented some bikes and whizzed through the Paris traffic.Then there she was, tall, lit up and sparkling. It was beautiful, definitely worth almost getting lost by myself…

Church in Melun

img_6406Let’s fast forward to Sunday shall we. Dad was scheduled to preach in the Melun while Bro. and Sis. Nowacki were away, and he had asked me to find something that we could sing together, so we sang. Having caught a cold while in Paris, I was a little worried about sounding stuffed up, but everything went just splendidly. I have, in a way, quieted down since arriving in France, and for most people here, it was their first time hearing me sing, some told me they were pleasantly surprised (as was I), but I received the compliments with as little blushing as possible. After an incredible time in the presence of God, I was invited to eat at the church with the young people; and what an amazing and talented group of young people they are as well.

In the closure of this somewhat lengthy post, I would like to thank the young people in Melun who are always so kind to me and make me feel welcome, it means more than you know.

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