Summertime Sadness

Well my friends, summer is over and fall has begun, what a sad thing to think about.img_6342

My summer has been rather upside down. Because I had started school late last year, spent a prolonged Christmas and New Years break, and took a couple weeks off in March for my special visit back to the Great White North, I spent a lot of my summer vacation catching up on my schoolwork.

I still got my summer vacation, and I thank God for it, however it carried on until almost October. The reason being that I had to wait for my books to arrive from the U.S. and so I waited, very patiently I must add, until I realized that September was almost over. Towards the end I grew anxious, knowing that the later I started, the later I finished. img_6318

Finally, earlier this week, we heard a knock on the door… and a French gentleman, that smelled distinctly of smoke, carried in three, nice, book-sized boxes, “enfin!”.  Ever since, I have been slowly setting up my workstation (home-schooled), organizing my school books and binders, buying tissues for the many meltdowns to come (just kidding, I’m more like Elsa, “don’t let them in, don’t let them see), and preparing to start a new year– a process many young people know, love, and cherish. *ahh ha ha*

img_6341So as I materially prepare for school to start again, I am also mentally preparing myself. At the moment, I am excited to start school again, but I am also sure that excitement will not last long… it never does.

When ever I think about the future projects, reports, and essays, I remember that I only have two years left in grade school, then I will have to face the decisions that will shape my future, and once those decisions are made, I will look back and see just how easy I had it in high school.


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