Cherish Conference

All-righty, I said in my previous blog that I would expand on how my last Cherish conference went.

Cherish conference had always been one of the highlights of the year for me. It was a time where girls from all around the district could gather and just be girls (with the exception of Friday night, when boys escort the ladies down the aisle). 

The conference was always spread out over the weekend, from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. Since the conference started on Friday evening, it gave the girls from all over the district time to travel from their homes to Saint John (my home town) where this occasion was held. Since I was already in the region, I had all day to “prepare.”Matt_V

Friday night came. For the first ceremony, each girl was escorted down the center aisle by a handsome young man (good job, guys!) with the exception of the “no boys allowed” group who would rather skip the boys, and walk with each other. Once every girl had walked down the aisle, we blessed the food and went to fill our bellies. Following the meal, we returned into the sanctuary to hear some great words from Sis. Kathy Leaman.crown_H

The final part of the service was the coronation ceremony, the most emotional time of the conference. Each 15 year old girl is called up to the platform while someone reads a couple words that describe her, what she likes, and how she is serving God. Every girl then receives a rose and a crown, symbolizing that they are a daughter of the king, and then files down to the front of the altar where they are prayed over.

I am not an emotional person but there was something that hit me in that service: I would not be coming back to future Cherish conferences… this was my last one.

Saturday was really where all the activities happened, there is always a theme and this time the theme was Treasure… as in buried treasure.choir_B

The two workshops I chose to do were (a) Sunday-school decoration and (b) choir. At the end of the day, every group got to perform/present what they did in their particular sessions.

Then it was over… “now what?” ; my coronation was a sign that I am growing up. Sure that part of my life is over, now it is time to see what else God has in store for me.

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