the return


For some who do not know I have been the Canada for the past two weeks, I went “home.”

For the first five days my mom and I stayed in Moncton and visited with my grandmother, and my uncle & aunt. The days  we spent there were probably the most relaxing days out of the whole two weeks; for me at least.

Wednesday is when all the excitement started happening. The plan was to drive down to Saint John and be there in time for church, but…. it just so happened that the church’s annual business meeting was that night so there would be no youth service. I was obviously disappointed by this turn of events and was talking to one of my friends about it. She decided that she would try to round up some of the scattered youth. Well, after we had finished with the appointments my mom had scheduled for Wednesday, we headed to MY big meeting. IMG_4337

We all met at Starbucks, (of course) where I got to reconnect with my youth group again and nearly gave my best friend a heart attack. All in all it was a great night.

Cherish conference was the next big event on our schedule and the main reason for our trip, but I will talk more about that in a second post… see ya soon!



IMG_4579Sunday night had to be one of the highlights of “the return”.  After an amazing church service we (the youth and I) went to Boston Pizza. Seeing as there were a lot of us spread across a long table, my desire to talk to everyone was limited. When most of the people left around 11 p.m. a couple stayed behind and we talked in the almost empty restaurant until midnight. It is times like those that I treasure.

IMG_1555The time did come for us to leave, and though it was a little hard to leave again, this place would always be my home.




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