Dog-on-it … vs … Doggonit

“Dominic, Timo, wake up it is 7 a.m. we have to walk the dog.”

Yes, the dog that I have been wanting since I was a child well… we have him. Some people might have heard of our attempt at being dog owners last August; to say the very least it did not really turn out, making it harder to convince momma to give the “dog thing” another chance.

IMG_4106The story starts with my dad looking on Chatellerault’s animal shelter website and coming across “Pollux,” a gray, three year old, fluffy canine. His description had listed him as a Tibetan Terrier even though the employees were not 100% sure.

Well you can probably guess what happened about a week later… What I was not ready for, was being woken up by whining and barking at 12:30 in the morning; making the first few days hard and frustrating. Since then he has stopped and I have been able to get my beauty sleep, (thank the Lord.)

Having to re-train him to our family’s rhythm will be the most challenging part, of course, but you know what? I am happy.

I have never been happier to be forced outside before 11 a.m…. or 12 a.m… or one… it’s at those times that I’m tempted to say “doggonit!”


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