Le Quiz, again?

Today, Châtellerault hosted approximately 20 young people from the churches of Bordeaux and Romilly-sur-Seine.

I had started quizzing when I was just a little girl, and at the time didn’t really enjoy it; one might put it this way, it took up too many of my precious Saturdays. My brother and I had quizzed together for several years before we decided to stop because of reasons I truly do not remember. After that we didn’t quiz again… until this past November at the youth convention. Can you guess what we did? We signed up for Bible Quizzing.

Well, we started to learn our Bible verses, which are in French might I add, a language I am still learning. Any how, my dad communicated back and forth with the quizzing coordinator and they arranged for a quizzing fun-day & training time here in Chatellerault, with a couple of exhibition matches thrown in for good measure. Today was the day. We got up early, headed to church were we met the Youth from Bordeaux, and after some train delays, the youth from Romilly also arrived. We played (quizzing) games, competed in several match-ups, and fellowshipped; just a completely wonderful day, even if it rained.

When I was young I didn’t know just how important quizzing was, now I appreciate and understand its concept. To hide God’s word in your heart is very important for a Christian. Yes, I still think it is a lot work, but this work is worth your time!


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