Proud Girl

You have probably heard those jokes and stereotypes about Canadians and I am here to tell you… they are not all false.

I have heard quite a few Canadian jokes and stereotypes and even aid my brothers in coming up with new ones. Here are a couple common things Canadians are known/stereotyped to be:

Canada, Canadian, OCDTo a lot of People we are the “invisible country” full of overly nice people, who

  • dominate Winter Olympics,
  • live in igloos or
  • use a dog sled, a polar bear, or a ski-doo to get to work.

Our speech is also very different; to some people our “About” sounds like “aboot.” We tend to over use the word “sorry” and like to end our sentences with “eh…?

Listen, you can call us snow-people, Eskimos, or even Lumberjacks, but you can’t call us late for a Tim Horton’s date! *badum tssss*. Sorry, lame joke, but I couldn’t resist.Vimy Ridge, Vimy, France, Canadian War Memorial, WWI

Still on the Canadian subject. This past Friday, on our way back from Belgium, we stopped in Vimy, France, and saw the Canadian War Memorial. The memorial was dedicated to the memory of 60,000 Canadian soldiers that died while seizing Vimy Ridge from the Germans in 1917 (World War 1).

Sure there are a lot of jokes on Canada but I am still a proud lumberjack… uh I mean Canadian. Now if you will excuse me, I am late for a Tim Hortons appointment. *jk… I can only wish, since there are no Tims here (as she softly cries in despair)*

Vimy, Canadian war memorial, France,

Now… one last thing… I decided it would be a cool idea to have a logo for my blog and this is what we came up with. What do you think?



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