Forever learning

I have been playing piano for most of my life, which by the way is not anywhere near some peoples experience. But guess what… I am still learning.

I started taking piano lessons at the age of five; and for five years I practiced classical music until circumstances caused us to find another piano teacher. We did find a new teacher and that is when everything changed. When I was younger I had imagined what it would be like to play in church, and with a jazz teacher this was about to become possible. He helped me with the cords I didn’t know, as well as how to fill in the gaps between the cords; little did I know, by preparing me for youth services (which wasn’t such a big deal) he was preparing me for my main job here in France. I am nowhere near defining myself as a pro but I will continue in bettering myself in this instrument that I love.IMG_3600

Piano is not the only thing that I am learning.  I have recently started picking up the guitar. Part of my wanting to learn guitar — other than it being  a beautiful Instrument– is probably wanting to be musically versatile.  Having a brother that plays is very handy for my newest project. I am happy to say I don’t think I am half bad, I’ve received no complaints as of yet.

I have an imagination and this is just one of the things I’ve envisioned. Now I’m seeing it become real.



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