Getting our Computers

Tonight my dad told my brother and I to go downstairs and bring up a box. We obeyed quickly and went. In my mind I had an idea of what might be inside of the box, but when i saw it, I was almost certain i knew what was behind the cardboard box. i told my brother what i thought it was and we squealed but then suddenly stopped saying, “we gotta stay cool” so we walked upstairs grinning and smirking. Well we opened the box and were delighted in what we saw, and were also happy that our guess about what was inside the cardboard box was correct. We got our school computers!

Me & my macbookThere is a story on how we got our computers though. This past November we were in Montreal for a French conference, and my dad had told the pastor (a really good friend of ours) about how how we were saving for our school computers, which were much needed. That night during service, the pastor got me and my brothers to come up on stage and he took up an offering for us. When we got the final count on how much was raised, they had given us $1,700 plus what we had gotten from selling our scarves.

God did a miracle for us that night. and now i have a brand new, beautiful computer.
I will be using this computer mainly for school, but will also be using it for this blog.



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